Little Wonders Early Learning Centre believes in the importance of education in the early years as the foundation for lifelong learning. We support children in discovering their love for learning through professionally guided pedagogy and curriculum. Our educators encourage children to take initiative of their learning by scaffolding for resources and experiences that challenge and develop upon children’s individual capabilities, knowledge and strengths, acknowledging the positive outcomes of agency and learning through active play. We recognise professional development as a continual and important component in early childhood education and care, leading to experienced and confident educators for high quality pedagogy and curriculum. Little Wonders Early Learning Centre strongly believes in children exploring the world through a holistic creative way through messy play, adventure and imagination.


Little Wonders Early Learning Centre strive to use natural and recyclable materials, in conjunction with minimal processed materials, to provide a stimulating, healthy and safe centre environment. We believe it is important to show respect and appreciation for the environment and for children, educators, families and the community to take an active approach towards a sustainable future.


At Little Wonders Early Learning Centre, maintaining reciprocal supportive relationships between educators, children and families are of up most importance to create a framework of mutual trust and respect. We provide spaces where interactions can take place between children, their peers and educators, for the negotiation and development of emotional regulation and social skills, which influence their connections with others throughout life. We endeavour to uphold inclusive relationship practices by respecting the diversity of the children, families, educators and community and to continually embed their beliefs and values within our centre pedagogical practices.


Little Wonders Early Learning Centre acknowledges the past, present and future of our community with respect to the Indigenous people of Dharawal who are traditional custodians of the land of the South Coast which Little Wonders Early Learning Centre is on. We aim to inspire children in developing their understanding of the integral role that our local community plays in their education in the present and for the future. We encourage all involved at Little Wonders Early Learning Centre to build connections within their community for a strong development of belonging, being and becoming.


Little Wonders Early Learning Centre offers handmade natural resources and sustainable equipment as well as resources and equipment from high-quality local suppliers. This combination enriches the outdoor and indoor learning spaces for children’s appreciation and engagement with nature.

Our kitchen space is designed to invite and involve children in the experience of cooking. Our daily menu provides children with a range of nutritious meals throughout the day and has been developed in consultation with our NSW Department of Health representative.

Yoga & Mindfulness

At Little Wonders Early Learning Centre we promote children’s sense of mindfulness through yoga & relaxation experiences each day. Children are engaged in fun group yoga and movement routines, strengthening their core muscles and developing their body co-ordination. Children also freely collect yoga mats and mindfulness resources to engage in these experiences.

Music & Movement

Listening and playing with music stimulates several areas of the brain, enhancing children’s learning capabilities and development. Music also benefits children by contributing to increased language and thinking skills. We incorporate music and dance throughout our daily rhythm to provide all children with opportunities to appreciate and experience these benefits.

We place equal value on the importance of the indoor and outdoor as environments that support children’s learning and development.

Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor environment provides a unique exploratory learning area where children can engage in enjoyable physical activities and experiences.

*Children are able to strengthen their whole body coordination skills and muscular development.

*Children are able to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their efforts as they coordinate their way around the natural playscape.

Our feature tyre mountain encourages the children’s imaginations and exciting opportunities for play whilst demonstrating ways of reusing materials in the environment.

Our garden promotes health and well being as we grow a variety a vegetables, fruits and herbs for our centre meals and for sharing with our centre families.

Our mud area allows children to enjoy the sensory experience and mess of mud whilst engaging in learning together and having fun!

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Indoor Environment

Our indoor environment is designed for optimal flow of natural light throughout each room.

Each play space has a range of quality resources promoting open-ended learning with dedicated spaces that contribute to children’s individual and group learning capabilities, well being and their development of belonging, being and becoming.

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Little Wonders Early Learning Centre: Sharing Space

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre is a welcoming place for families and children to take time to be and learn together. There are books and a range of resources available for families to borrow for home collaborative learning. There are spaces throughout the centre where families and educators can spend time together sharing information and ideas. We believe in strengthening the connections between the home and centre environments to support each child’s overall development. The first five years of a child’s life are proven to be the most important in establishing strong foundations for life long learning, and at Little Wonders Early Learning Centre we strive to share this journey with the families to achieve the best outcomes for each child.

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre: Indoors & Outdoors

We have beautiful learning spaces, indoors and outdoors, for children to freely create, play, work and explore a range of mediums with natural and recycled materials.

We provide open ended, real, authentic materials where all children can engage creatively, independently and in groups, enhancing their knowledge for more complex learning.