Educational Program

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre is a fun and educational learning environment! Our centre embraces the cultural languages and experiences of our educators, children, families and the community in our educational programs for inclusive and holistic learning. We value the input from everyone involved in Little Wonders Early Learning Centre for the continual implementation of a meaningful educational program. Our Educational Programming and Planning includes the utilisation of technology for a digitally accessible educational evaluation and reflection of children’s learning each day. Educators collaborate with each child and their family in the creation of children’s individualised journey portfolios which includes the child’s development and progression through various observations and professional resources. Our Educational Programming and Planning is based upon the National Quality Framework and our Centre Philosophy.

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre takes great inspiration from Vygotsky…

Pedagogy must be oriented not to the yesterday, but to the tomorrow of the child’s development. Only then can it call to life in the process of education those processes of development which now lie in the zone of proximal development” (Vygotsky, 1993, pp. 251-252).

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre is committed to guiding each child in reaching their full potential…

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.” (Rudolf Steiner)

We Provide:

  • music and movement classes and experiences
  • language lessons and incorporation of languages through daily experiences
  • environmental awareness, gardening & sustainability
  • assorted sports and health programs
  • community partnerships
  • arts and crafts experiences
  • incursions and excursions
  • yoga and mindfulness classes and experiences
  • cooking classes and healthy nutrition experiences
  • early literacy, science and maths experiences through daily experiences

Preschool Program- Transition to School

At Little Wonders Early Learning Centre we have also developed a school preparation program in consultation with qualified Early Childhood Educators and Early Primary School Teachers that will prepare your child for their transitioning to primary school. In addition to all the above aspects that we provide for your child through our educational programming and planning, our preschool program also includes:

  • rostered show and tell
  • local school networking and excursions
  • school safety discussions and experiences
  • school well being discussions and experiences
  • focused group times
  • literacy program
  • school transitioning experiences such as lunchbox days

Extra-Curricular Experiences

In consultation with community resources, educator qualifications and parent input children are provided with opportunities to explore a range of experiences for enhance early education.

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre is proudly a community partner with House with No Steps- enabling local community members to visit our centre to spend time with the children and share their stories.

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre also networks with Barnardos Australia enabling our educators access to additonal resources and community connections for children’s inclusive learning.

Little Wonders Early Learning Centre currently hosts Kindy Tennis & Dance Along Lessons.


Our Educators