Now Enrolling!

If you’re wanting to enrol your child at Little Wonders Early Learning Centre we recommend contacting us to organise an enrolment tour and visit where you can discuss any queries or questions who have about our service with the Centre Director and educators. This tour will also allow your family and child to familiarise with the centre as well as to collect and complete various enrolment documents.

Current Fees

Please contact us for current enrolment, bond and daily fees.

You will receive a centre hat & children’s book upon paid enrolment.

After completion of enrolment documents,  enrolled families will be offered to come in for orientation. Orientation sessions are usually an hour and aims to provides the enrolling child and family an opportunity to interact and engage within the centre environment, discuss centre daily routine aspects such as signing in and out and specific locations such as lockers, policies and procedures and the centre educational program.

Families are welcome at the centre anytime and we appreciate your participation and feedback.

Wait List Application

Please complete a waitlist form below or clicking on the link.